Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Getting ready

Well the creation of this blog is one of the many things still on my list of 'to do's' before we leave, I am pretty chuffed to have this one sorted though as it means we can stay in touch with you guys while we are on our adventure.
We have been pretty busy of late, James started his sabbatical this week and he has been pretty full on till then...unfortunately he now has some DIY chores to do before we clear off. There aren't that many....honestly. He also has to tinker with the vehicle of vehicles...our Toyota land-cruiser. I still haven't had a go at driving this yet but it is imminent so stay clear of the roads in North Wales. We have started to have our jabs, this is proving interesting due to James'  M.S. and my egg allergy. It means James can't have his yellow fever jab and when I have mine they may have to tie me up. heh heh heh....
I am still working at present and hope to finish all my stuff by end of August.
My lovely daughter is due home this month for some fuss, I plan on saying my very tearful ttfn's to her just before we go. I may need an operation on my tear ducts. Still haven't persuaded her to join us out in Africa for a holiday ah well I guess the pull of city life in Cardiff is more interesting to a 19 year old.
Right that's it for the first post...off to make James a cuppa.

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