Monday, 28 October 2013

Where to next?

Thank you for staying with us on our adventure. I'd like to carry on having some conversations with you by inviting you to stop what your doing, make yourself a brew, have a read of the new blog and share your stories with me

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No No No

This may be a strange place to start out but all my good intentions flew out of the car window today when this tune came at me like a truck from my car speakers......before you read any further I suggest you listen to the rather fabulous Dawn Penn

This tune has a signature  'dddddd d ddddd d ddddd d' at the beginning and after you have heard it once  whenever you hear it again you will feel yourself lifted up and your body will begin to sway. The lyrics are simple, they are all about being abandoned by your man and all the agony that goes with that. I heard this tune many years ago and having experienced the total wretchedness of having my man bugger off to pastures new felt that Dawn sure knew how this felt too.

What occurs to me now is that way back in times past when I listen to Dawn sing 'No, no, no you don' love me and I know now' I would feel gutted by the truth of the words but I would get up and dance like a temptress. Yup, I would gyrate a kind of slow assed groove that was more about me not just feeling shit about my man being gone and all that but also about my very female response to him going.

I think I was saying yes ok you have gone but look at me, look at this here woman you fool what are you doing? Remembering this made me think of the other women in my life, my sisters, my daughter, my girlfriends.....and I realised that we all do it. We all connect our pain with music and then we dance, we dance with our pain we dance away our pain.

When I hear the song now after the crippling pain is long gone, I still dance to it like a temptress. But having survived the heartache of a lost love, the song also serves to remind me that music and not just time is a great healer.

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