Friday, 16 September 2011

kin hell

I have just spent yonks writing something really interesting and witty and have lost the lot because I am an idiot.  Well being as I now can't be doing with writing again the hilarious yet serious posting about being wined and dined by our load of nutty mates I will en devour to just upload some pics and you will just have to figure the rest out.
this was the cake of cake because it had no bloody egg and I could eat some

This lady is very mad and always dresses like this

These two look quiet enough but they are the worst soon as you turn your back they are up doing very strange dancing known as 'casting shapes'

This woman is dangerous and you should not approach her unless you have a large glass of wine to appease her.

blaming their wind problems on the guy in the stripy shirt...who by the way is a bad criminal type from the East end....

finally a word of caution about these dudes, the one at the back has a gun and is not afraid to use it... the geezer looks harmless but just look at his shirt....yes he really is Dirk Diggedy the 70's American sex icon and purveyor of smutty underpants...the lady in front is actually a social worker who just happened to be going past she is really nice and is lovely to everyone..

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