Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Well now, today is the penultimate day of the adventure. It seems to have taken ages to come around but we have and are still busy right up until leaving.
We have been lucky enough to catch up with friends like Dod and Sarah who kindly detoured from going home from Tenby to Scotland to come and say ta ta

And sharing 40th birthdays and ta ta’s with Nick and Fliss and family.

Some things we have had to do has just been ‘stuff’, faffing around with the house and garden, arrangements being made for our tenants etc. Things finally felt like they were becoming more fun when James bought me a windmill one sunny afternoon in Bangor which inspired the purchase and subsequent scoffing of butterscotch flavour angel delight. During the last few days we have enjoyed yet more treats with family and friends eating and drinking like royalty,  and being 'fixed' by the fantastic sue who sorted out the trapped nerve in my back. xxxxxx

we came down to earth with a bump today however as we are now having random meals of what is left in the fridge. Mmm cold pizza, humus, celery, half a cabbage and two tomatoes…..lovely. Cramming seems to be a recurrent theme as not only have we crammed lots of goodies (9 packets of baby wipes for instance and first aid kit that covers western and the more hippy type of treatments) into the vehicle of vehicles, but today have defied all the laws of science by cramming, shorts, shirt, two cozzies, a skirt, 3 t-shirts, 6 pairs of knickers, 3 bras, two long sleeved tops, one cardigan, pair of pj’s, two long scarves, toiletry bag, handbag with contents, diary,  ipod and camera into a bag that I swear is no bigger than two cornflake boxes…..ooh just thought James will have to take the towels in his bag….ha ha ha he already has to carry my mask and snorkel and my book.

The last few days we have been really lucky, I had some girlies over for food and fizz. I was pretty drunk too.

And some friends have just called in and shared a couple of hours with us before the off.

Thank you thank you thank you for all the time, effort and fun you have shared with us.

Tonight will be the time for a few phone calls, one to my lovely Kate who I did try to speak to earlier but she was kind of still recovering from a night out on Sunday. Bless.
                                                    Here she is with little chops.

Then I will call the scousers and say my ttfn’s to them.

Right then it is wagon's roll, the vehicle....still don't have a name for her so be glad of suggestions. Was put into the container last week and will arrive in Alexandria in the next week or so.

Till it gets there we will be snorkelling in the red sea off the coast of Dahab and then getting visas in Cairo..take care..much love Dee and Jamesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. don't forget to send us messages xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Bloody shite blog!!! Trip of a life time! Well be smug and show off or something!

  3. "Oh I have eaten couscous with the Umbekaha tribe as the sun sets over the Ovulah Mountains and James circumcised himself in an ancient rite of the pissage". You know I expect some of that.

  4. Hey Guys, Wow, so jealous looks like the adventure has well and truly started glad you are both safe and having a fab time. The photos look amazing. Very jealous, its bloody freezing here. Certainly sounds like you will have so many tales to tell on your return. Loving seeing your progress and Dees top adventure stories, ants in the pants sounds particularly bad! Take care, loads of love to both, Seh and Dod xxxx